My journey with great natural food, transformative yoga, wild Ibiza and the sweetness of friends.


I am amazed to have been practicing yoga for over 22 years. I look back in gratitude to see there has always been, and will continue to be, a practice suited to my ever-changing mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

I love everything yoga: the gentlest Restoratives to quiet Hatha to sweaty, bendy, bhakti-blast music filled Vinyasa flows.

My intention as a teacher is to offer dynamic, alignment-based and soulful classes steeped in yoga philosophy that encourage meaningful connections to ourselves and each other.

I have been teaching for 7 years. I teach to learn. These teachers are my continuing asana and philosophy inspirations: Chris Chavez, Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes, Noah Maze, Sianna Sherman, Baba Hari Dass, Suzanne Slocum-Gori, and Dr. Douglas Brooks. I honour the profound influence on me of BKS Iyengars teachings. My time spent in SN Goenka Vipassana retreats, and with a dedicated Buddhist sangha also shapes my teaching. I am grateful for all the teachers who have crossed my path and I look forward to meeting those yet to come. 

I am so in love with the growing community of Yogis I am connected with at home and across the globe.

My parent’s and their friend's where vegetarian, non-violent political activists. They practiced yoga, meditation and lived simply respecting the Earth. Gandhi and John Lennon where our heroes. These influences pre-determined my yogic path and love of healthy food.


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From childhood I have always eaten seasonal, local, sustainably farmed and organic food. The first time I tasted supermarket milk I couldn't recognize it as what I knew to be milk. My mother was a food activist, who owned a health food store. 

Being vegetarian for my family in the 1970’s meant our meals looked Japanese, Indian, Buddhist Chinese or Middle Eastern. Becoming a chef meant learning classic French cuisine and the standard North American favourites. This journey was not easy.

The first 10 years of my cooking career were in tree-planting camps and at retreats. This was a beautiful, empowering way to work: with a small group of hard-working individuals, building our camps from scratch in the wilderness. This work cemented my philosophy that I cook for the conditions and needs of the client. Being sensitive to what is happening in the environment and providing food that will be the most nourishing in the conditions. As opposed to cooking what I want, when I want. For a decade I have worked in the film industry as a chef caterer. Film catering is a fantastic, dramatic job that pushes you to your limits and keeps demanding you to expand those limits. Though we are not on set it is always exciting to be part of a creative venture. There are not a lot of cooking jobs where you might have a dozen men in loincloths rock-up at breakfast or have a polar bear bashing around in the trailer next to you because he smells the cooking bacon. Who put the polar bear by the cook truck, anyways?? I have worked on Snakes on A Plane, X-Men, X-Files, Fantastic Four, Fringe, Psych and many more. 

In 2001 I met Nadine Barner, a private macrobiotic chef and became her assistant on a few jobs over the years. She changed my life as well as the lives of her many clients. She is a chef who's capacity to use food to empower and heal is a rare skill. Her client list reads like a Vanity Fair Oscars party. This experience transformed my approach to food and cooking. It turned my French cooking skills upside down. Empowering me to move from being a cook focused on flavour and presentation to seeing cooking as revolution, the ultimate alchemy with the power to nurture and transform lives. Returning me to my roots.


Today, I reside on the magical Mediterranean island of Ibiza, Spain. The island is rich, fertile and full of creative energy. It is here that I have have fused together my two passions, yoga + food by working on wellness retreats. The island truly inspires me through its powerful presence of nature, holistic health movement and fusion of cultures.