Days 2 & 3: Deep Space- out

Day two's breakfast is decidedly supermodel spa-ish. Half an apple, a tablespoon of toasted pumpkin seeds and some steamed greens. The drink is an Ume-Sho Kuzu. But I know that lunch looks really hearty so it's no big deal. I am not a big breakfast eater anyways. It's usually toast with my beloved butter.

I feel great and head out for a walk on my way to an appointment. As I am walking I feel my neck and shoulders alternately tensing and relaxing. It feels really weird but kind of good as well. I remember Nadine telling me that neck and shoulder tension is related to a sluggish digestive system and today I am, wait for it, constipated. By the time I get home from my appointment I have a headache. My caffeine and sugar withdrawal are kicking in. The headache isn't strong and I make lunch. Unfortunately, my camera battery dies and I can't find the charger as I have just moved.  Here is a photo of Hato Mugi, which is also called Job's Tears and is considered a type of Asian barley though they are not related. I make a Hato Mugi stew, with a piece of fried Seitan on top, which for you gluten foes is a piece of gluten, and some steamed bread with almond butter on it. Gluten is high in protein which is why vegetarians eat it, concentrated and isolated from the rest of the grain it came from. Hearty. Macrobiotics don't generally toast bread, they steam it. It supposedly 'relaxes' the grain making it easier for us to digest. 

This stew was supposed to be last nights dinner but conveniently is also lunch so I don't need to skip any recipes. Speaking of recipes. I am not posting them as I think that might be copyright infringement. But, I sent Mayumi an e-mail and have asked her permission to post a few recipes.

By the time dinner rolls around my headache is pounding, I have no appetite but I eat a little left-over stew and go to bed shortly thereafter. Bummed that I am missing making dinner two days in a row.

Day three and I wake up with a headache but it feels milder, like I will be able to function, my throat is sore and I am spitting up grossness. I haven't been remotely ill in 7 months. Cleansing. Breakfast is lovely . Miso soup, amaranth cereal and steamed cabbage and carrots. Amaranth is one of my favourite grains. This link I posted has really interesting information on the grain.

I run out of the house teach a yoga class and get home at noon but don't finish cooking and sit to eat till 2pm. Again, lunch is last nights dinner so I don't miss a recipe. This meal is not my favourite. I made pan-fried chick-pea millet cakes with some left-over breakfast veggies and a tofu-tartar sauce. The tartar sauce has a tablespoon of brown rice syrup in it and my inner sugar demon is sooo excited about it! My first sweetener of any kind in two days! My headache is still there and I feel really spaced out. Those of you who know me will be feeling sorry for me right about now as I am already a wee bit spaced out so this could be catastrophic! I burn the chickpeas. I use canned kidney beans instead. The cakes are bland and the sauce is weird. I think that if I hadn't been so hungry, if I had used different pickles in the sauce and had taken more time to adjust the seasonings that it would have been delicious but I was ravenous and just ate. A bit late and then I have to cook dinner right away as I am heading out to two events in the evening. It makes me feel like weeping that just trying to cook simple meals for myself is such a big deal. I get dinner cooked, head out to my first event, leave early so I have time to come home and eat. Have you ever seen rice and lentils and steamed veggies look so sexy? I am using the beautiful photo's in Mayumis book to guide my plating. Yet I have to finish my dinner out of a tupperware in my friends car just to make it happen. I just cannot scarf rice and lentils. That is not the macro way. Better to finish eating in the car then try to eat quickly.

Event number two is a launch for a business called Revive Wellness Mentoring, a yogi I know and her holistic nutritionist friend started. They are going to lead people through a 21 day cleanse. So cool. I have already sent their info to a few friends I know who are looking for support to do a cleanse. This idea is timely and exciting as people want to cleanse but don't always know where to start. The Revive crew have recipes for the entire 21 day cleanse, guide you on shopping trips and support the clients the whole way. Again, so cool.

So, three days in no mid-afternoon fog or slump. I am really surprised. It has been so long that I have experienced this slump, that I remedy with black tea and/or dark chocolate, I forget if the last time I was eating well and off all caffeine I unslumped? Oddly, I crash in the afternoons and then get re-energized and stay up too late where as these last couple days my energy is even all day but I can't keep my eyes open past 9:30 at night and I am sleeping 10 hours or so!