Day 6- Lesson Learned

 I had a delicious breakfast of mochi and a green juice.  Mochi is pounded gelatinous rice that is formed into cakes that are then able to be baked or fried. It gets crispy on the outside and is chewy on the inside. It can be enjoyed as a sweet or savoury dish by adding either a few drops of soy or maple syrup once it is cooked. Usually, I cut it into small squares. This recipe called for putting it in a waffle iron which I did not have. I used a sandwich grill. Best is pan-frying in a little bit of oil. You start it in a medium hot oiled pan, crisp up one side, then flip the piece over and put a lid over the pan till the other side crisps and puffs up. Mochi squares triple in volume as they cook. Children love it.

My green juice was apple, kale, cucumber and celery.

II went for a walk with a friend in the sun, then did some shopping and came home to make lunch. By then it had been four hours or so since I had eaten and I could feel another headache brewing. I ate lunch at about the five hour mark which was rice balls rolled in toasted almonds or black sesame seeds and a coleslaw. No pictures as I left my camera in the car and was too hungry to go and get it. My headache was in full swing after lunch and after five days of this I felt demoralized and confused. I took two aspirin and then googled five day headache. The information that I found was the light bulb going off. It relaxed me and I fell into a deep sleep for an hour. I woke up head ache-less and continued on my day feeling calmer and empowered.

Basically, my five day headache was a perfect storm of four events. Any one of these could have kept my headache flowing from day to day but the last one is the biggie. One, I quit caffeine and sugar which caused my body to get stressed out and I suffered a withdrawal headache. Two, I generally get a headache for a couple hours at my 'time of the month'. Three, the barometer changed as we went from days of rain to days of sunshine. Lastly, and most importantly, I was not snacking.

The first time I went macrobiotic I was cooking with Nadine and I remember she told me I was hypoglycemic. Not so, I argued as no medical tests had ever pointed that out, then or since. But she insisted that I was and between our meals she made me have a carrot/apple juice at about 10 am and at 4 pm she had me eat a chopped, poached apple or pear in kuzu with toasted nuts on top. I remember that I would be almost shaking when I got my little apple pudding, so desperate was I for the sweet snack. She told me that shortly, following a macro diet I would get command of my blood sugar and then be able to go long hours without food. But this was nine, ten years ago and my system and will are much stronger. This cleanse did not include mini sweet snacks between meals so I have not had one.  I did not feel shaky, nor did I feel hungry between meals. My only, ignored by me, indication that my blood sugar was dipping too low was a headache. Headaches and blood sugar levels are new to me but it may explain a long association I have had with headaches. It feels intuitively like the right answer. I have two grandfathers who were diabetic, a father who could be pre-diabetic if he doesn't keep an eye on things and many cousins and an aunt and uncle who struggle with obesity. I will keep my awareness on it and always make sure I have a few almonds or some snack with me. This only seems to be an issue as I transition into a cleaner diet because before I might not eat a meal for five or six or more hours but I might chew gum, have coffee with sugar or eat a few squares of dark chocolate. Mystery solved. 

Dinner was very simple and as usual, delicious. Barley and lentils, a simple stir-fry and puréed squash soup. Mayumi's recipes are spot on flavour-wise. Her amounts and instructions are perfect and it is a pleasure to cook from this book. What I am loving about this cleanse is my return to tasting and enjoying more simple flavours. 

I have not heard back from Mayumi about sharing recipes so just go buy the book!