Day 7- Smooth Sailing!

No headache today! Well almost. Let's just say headache averted by me during the day, and then a mild headache came on in the evening after I ate, that I knew was coming after talking over my symptoms with Nadine. She asked me about the nature of the headaches and my energy levels. She recognized by the time of day that the symptoms were strongest to which organs the headache is corresponding to. Oriental medicine. So, I am drinking a very hippy sounding remedy of adzuki bean tea to ease this organ. Adzuki bean tea is a kidney and adrenal tonic to warm and strengthen weak kidneys and exhausted adrenals. My doctors have cautioned me for years to be gentle on my adrenal system. The hours I have worked for the last eight years have stressed my adrenals. As well, caffeine, nicotine and sugar compounded the stress even though they felt like they were helping. So, for the next two weeks I drink this tea. That being said, I drank the tea, the mild evening headache went away. Salud!

No headache related to sugar levels, anyways. I was a smarty-pants and about two hours after a quintessential macro breakfast I made and drank a carrot-apple juice.  Breakfast was miso soup with much more than the usual amount of tofu in it, a fresh salad (for breakfast!) and leftover barley. Then I went to teach. As well, for the first time ever, I made my lunch and brought it with me to the yoga class I taught at noon. This way I ate my lunch at the same time more or less as every other day on this cleanse.  I had a gorgeous wrap. I forgot to take a picture so here is the photo from the book. Avocado, green beans and carrots fried in sesame oil, lentils, salad greens and sauerkraut with a tofu mayonnaise spread on the wrap. Delicious, so simple and quick to prepare. And a handful of blueberries.

Though not in season, I went for them anyways, even though they were all the way from Chile :( What a treat.

Then, as I made my dinner I had a tea with a teaspoon of brown rice syrup in it. These two drinks with their gentle boost of natural sugar were all I needed to be headache free all day. Smooth sailing.

Dinner was interesting. For the first time no grain component. In fact today's lunch as well, had a tortilla wrap but no substantial carbohydrate. As well, tofu twice in one day is unusual. I am imaging today was a high protein, low carb day for the benefit of cleansing.

Dinner was a scrambled tofu, coloured with turmeric, hijiki cooked with lotus root and carrot, steamed greens (kale) with a pumpkin seed dressing and onion soup with 'mochi cheese'. Mochi can be grated on top of a hot liquid, like soup or stew and it will form a bubbly melted skin, like cheese. Macro french onion soup.

A note on all the seaweed and beans I have been eating. Many years ago I was macro for almost a year. I was curious to get my iron and b-12 levels tested. I scored completely normal in all categories. The doctor could not tell that I was eating a very different diet. I was not vegan because I ate white fish a few times a month. 

This journey has been interesting. I knew I would suffer a bit but I was not expecting to feel so delicate, to have symptoms of serious underlying issues appear so strongly when the veneer of the strong, stimulating foods were stripped away. I am not missing butter, or really anything. Not even my precious black tea. Because this clean, even energy and the calm, steady feeling in my body is better than a caffeine buzz. I will save that buzz for very special occasions. But discontinue it as a survival mechanism to stay amped to meet the demands of the lifestyle I have been leading. We are all so stimulated in this culture, in the city. Our jobs can be so demanding. Traffic, tv, internet, our 5 million devices, magazines, just constant stimulation. I am so grateful to be feeling some stillness from the inside out. It is akin to the feeling I get from imposing stillness from the outside in by practicing meditation and yoga or being in nature but it is constant. More on this tomorrow.