Day 8- All About the Food.

 Let's just talk about the food today! Since there is no more pain to go on about.

Today I made two new-to-me dishes. Mochi crépes and a tofu cheese salad. Most of the dishes, products and techniques in the 10 day cleanse are known to me so it was very cool to get some new experiences.

Mochi crépes are made by grating mochi and sprinkling it in a circle on a pre-heated oiled pan, cooking it on low with a lid on till it just melts and is still soft. This took about a minute, no more. If you cooked it longer it would be more like a Potato Rösti. Which is also cool. I pulled it out of the pan, rolled it up while it was still warm and soft and put stewed apricots on top. Next time I will roll the stewed fruit in the crépe. I was thinking that these would make amazing low-fat and gluten free tuiles, or even homemade ice cream cones or edible dessert cups. 

The accompaniment to the crépes were a few toasted almonds and a pressed salad of red cabbage (the recipe called for Napa but I didn't have it) and radish garnished with chopped parsley and grated lemon rind. The unsaturated fat in the nuts helps slow glucose absorption from the stewed apricots. Not sure why the pressed salad but it was a nice counterpoint to the sweet breakfast.

Lunch was a totally new experience as well. I had marinated a block of tofu in miso for two days. This made 'tofu cheese'. It made for pungent and salty tofu but it didn't taste fermented. Just pungent. I crumbled it and mixed it with the leftover seaweed lotus root salad from last night, served it on a bed of quinoa cooked with corn and tossed with diced avocado. The recipe called for zucchini which I didn't have and I needed to finish the avocado. I tossed a few salad greens on top and diced some baby tomatoes as garnish and then drizzled reduced balsamic around that. The flavours and textures were amazing. The sweet reduced balsamic was a perfect counterpoint to the salty tofu salad. The greens made the meal light and the chewy quinoa and unctuous avocado with sweet bursts of corn were texturely perfect and worked too well with everything else. Gourmet vegan food to be sure.

My complaints about the meals taking to long to prepare are totally unfounded once I managed to cook all three meals in one day. Almost every meal has a component towards the next meal as a time saver.

Dinner was simple. A tempeh stir-fry, rice with almonds in it and a wakame soup. Wakame is the seaweed used in miso soup. The soup also had snow peas, onions and corn in it. The tempeh stir-fry is going on top of tomorrows soba noodles to make a salad. 

As well today, in light of no longer following the cleanse absolutely because I need to add some sugar in at some point I had a tea with a teaspoon of brown rice syrup in the mid-morning and about five almonds and a quarter cup of leftover pressed salad after my yoga practice around 4:30. I made dinner and was eating by 6:30 pm. No headaches today. 

I am feeling well.