'The goal is to do the asana with as much possible intensity of intelligence and love.'

- BKS Iyengar

[Winter Schedule TBA]

Private Classes - individual or groups.


One to one practice is an opportunity to become familiar with the practice at your own pace. Tailored to your specific needs private classes offer the opportunity to move deeply into areas of the practice that interest you most. Explore yoga at your pace: asana (yoga poses), sequencing, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

The practice

All classes available in beginner to intermediate/advanced levels. 

Vinyasa:  A flowing, creatively sequenced practice to music. Shorter holds and emphasis on linking breath to movements. Breath and flow take precedence over form.

Power Vinyasa: A Vinyasa practice with an emphasis on strength building through longer holds.

Hatha: A slower moving style that de-emphasizes vinyasa (aka sun salutation links) between poses. Hatha is anatomy, sequencing, and a more deeply personal exploration of the poses. Form over flow. The class will involve in-depth demos and prop based explorations of poses.

Restorative: A practice involving long, supported holds using props to invoke deep relaxation and ease. Excellent for recovery from a strong physical practice or those needing to de-stress.

Therapeutics: A practice involving bio-mechanical principles to facilitate healing from injury or illness.


1 - 4 people

1 hour = 60 euros // 1.5 hours = 90 euros // 2 hours = 120 euros // After the fourth person, 10 euros charge per person

Mats available on request. 

*72 hour cancellation policy. If cancellation is within 72 hours, 50% of class payment is owed. 

'Life in the world is a scared journey, and matters of the flesh are potential vehicles for spiritual transformation'

- Charles Eisenstein